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    Swingers Couple Cruise Tenerife

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    Imagine stepping off the gangway and immediately feeling somehow sexier and more alluring. Feel the approving glances of others as if you were a celebrity. Indeed! When you are with The SwingerCruiseTenerife.com that’s exactly how it begins.

    The atmosphere transports you into a place where you can be exactly what you have always dreamed.  You are joining other like minded passengers ready to embark in delicious week of fantasy fulfillment. Of course everyone likes different flavors but with this group, it’s easy to guarantee that you will find many other couples just like you.

    Explore & Adventure The Swingers Couple Cruise Tenerife

    Visit a new destination with sexy new friends.  Sail on a naked catamaran cruise or enjoy a clothing optional day at the beach. On Europe cruises we explore cultural sites with really awesome couples.

    Love the sea days best of all! The Swingers Couple Cruise Tenerife
    On those days we wake up late and sometimes have a champagne brunch in the formal dining room.  Then we find a lounge chair by the pool and wait for the sun and the DJ to heat the day up!  The pool party gets sexier as the day goes on.

    On Board Classes
    Shades of Grey, Naked Speed Dating, Sensual Massage, How to Squirt and How to be a Dominatrix in the Bedroom are a few that have added some excitement to our past cruises.  Oh and of course there is daytime playrooms or a little time back in our cabin.

    Do Nothing!
    The other option during the day, do nothing.  Just because ships offer tons of options doesn’t mean you have to do any of them.  Stay in bed, have lost of sex, read a steamy novel,  get a massage in the spa, linger over a long lunch and take an afternoon nap. The Swingers Couple Cruise Tenerife

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